Seven Candidates Get A Thumbs Up At Endorsement Meeting

PITTSBURGH, PA – Democracy for Pittsburgh (the local coalition group for Democracy for America) announced today the results of an endorsement vote that was held on Saturday, February 18, 2006.

“Candidates need to jump a high hurdle in order to win our endorsement. They needed to receive at least 75% of the votes, not counting abstentions. I believe that no other progressive endorsing group in Pittsburgh requires this level of agreement from their membership,” said Lou Takacs, member of Democracy for Pittsburgh’s Organizing Committee and “meeting host” for the day. “Setting such a high standard also helps to ensure that winning candidates receive not only an endorsement, but a base of volunteers to draw from,” he added.

Chuck Pennacchio was endorsed for US Senate (90%). Valerie McDonald Roberts was endorsed for Lt. Governor (100%). Georgia Berner was endorsed for US Representative – 4th Congressional District (91%). Susan Banahasky was endorsed for Rep. District 20 (92%). William Sargent was endorsed for Rep. District 42 (79%). And, two longtime members of Democracy for Pittsburgh were also endorsed for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives: Dan Cindric was endorsed for Rep. District 27 (96%) and Steve Karas was endorsed for Rep. District 34 (96%).

No endorsement could be reached in the following races: 14th Congressional District, 18th Congressional District, Rep. District 21, Rep. District 24 and special election for Pittsburgh City Council District 3.

During the meeting, the host asked for a show of hands of those members who were planning on running for Allegheny County Democratic Committee and nearly a quarter of those in attendance signaled their intentions to run – most for the first time.

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