Within a week of meeting my wife, I wanted to introduce her to my friends, my family, and everyone else, for I felt a rush that I had never felt before. I had the certainity that somehow this amazing woman who I had just met was going to be very important to me, and I wanted to share this joy and the complete bubble bath of endorphins and serotonin waterfalls that is the physical sensation of falling in love. And I was able to do so fairly quickly as she met my friends and family within three months. When I introduced her to them, all I had to fear was the typical fears of a guy bringing a girl home — my friends having long memories of all the really dumb things that I have done or said and broaching the perpetual favorites into conversations at the wrong [right] time and me without the credible threat of massive future retaliation as the relevant friends were already in long term relationships heading towards marriage, and my family being my family. Again the normal worries of introducing someone new and important to everyone.

I had it easy, as I just had to worry about these issues, which although somewhat terrifying, are minor in comparison to the great worries of life. My friends approved of my girlfriend and starting giving all the great advice that only good friends can give — mainly —“She rocks, so you better not fuck this up.” Three years later, we were married. Our wedding day was easily the happiest day of my life, and I think once I stopped trying to help my wife set up the table centerpieces, it became the happiest day of her life also. We want children in our home, and we’ll want them relatively soon. Our only worry at that point is a matter of plumbing and coming up with a good boy’s name, as we already have a girl’s name that we like a lot. These are deeply personal decisions and concerns and are respected as such by society and the state. This is how it should be.

However, this is not the case for every loving couple who wants to bring children into good homes. This is wrong. USA Today (via FireDogLake) reports that Pennsylvania is one of sixteen states that has some legislative attempt to ban gay couples from adopting children.

I look at my friends who, like my wife and I, are in loving, caring, stable, happy relationships and who want children, and I can see no valid and moral reason for some of them to be condemned and cast aside just because of whom they love. This may set me out as a flaming liberal, and on this count, I gladly plead full responsibility and acceptance of that label, as I believe that America should not discriminate, should not restrict the rights of others as long as those actions do not impinge on further individuals’ rights.

Right now Pennsylvania is trying to pass a discriminatory and rights restricting amendement to the commonwealth’s constitution, that enshrines a ban against gay marriage or any incident there-of. The PA ACLU is one of the organizations leading this fight. I know and applaud State Senator Jay Costa is with us on this one. We need to contact him and other friendly legislaturers to pressure them towards pressuring their colleagues to fulfilling the American charge of becoming a more inclusive and therefore a more perfect union.

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