Today on "Barry Gordon From Left Field" Progressive Talk Radio

Barry’s guests today include Bob Barr, conservative activist and former Republican congressman from Georgia, who will discuss being “political bedfellows” with former Vice President Al Gore, in speaking out against the NSA wiretapping and other abuses of civil liberties by this administration;

Corey Robin, author of “Fear: History of a Political Idea,” who will talk about the use of fear to manipulate public opinion; and

Demtric Collins, music producer, who will talk about his company’s new hit CD “Doggie Dog World & Kitty Cat Kingdom,” which teaches children to appreciate animal life.

So catch the webcast, on, or the broadcast, in the Inland Empire of California, and call in, to 1-800-809-0802, each Sunday from 2 to 5 p.m. PST to let the world know the Left is right!

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