Claude Allen – Adrenaline Junkie?

You gotta love this guy!

Claude Allen, the former head of Domestic Policy in the Bush White House, gets arrested and is charged with “refund theft,” and not just on one occasion but on 25 different occasions.

Now the guy makes $161,000 and is lined up to make much more – probably millions – after he completes his government fieldwork and goes into the private sector; a private sector which generously rewards those who served Republican interests while in government.

So he couldn’t have been jacking this stuff for the money. It had to be the rush. Jeebus … “Some purchases were as little as $2.50.”

He was probably thinking that “skydiving is for pussies, take some real risks.” Or maybe its just a case of another repressed social conservative. Any thoughts?

SPEAKING OF STUPID FED TRICKS: What’s up with the Federal Prosecutors in the Moussaoui sentencing trial coaching witnesses? Don’t they have a jury just itching to off the guy. Why do something stupid that puts the case at risk? Or is this kind of misbehavior so engrained that some of them just can’t stop even on a case that appears to be a slamdunk?

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