Good News Is Coming!!!

Hey, it’s Macswain!

The good crew at Comments from Left Field left the door unlocked and, by god, I am what the cat dragged in.

For my first post, I was drafting a piece about Iraq titled “The Death of Humanitarianism.” But given Fester’s piece on the bleak future of Iraq and the sad deaths of Kirby Puckett and Dana Reeve, I decided we all needed a lil’ good news. So, from my solo blog, I’m reposting a nugget of gold that seems to have been overlooked by the left:

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has dropped below 11,000.

Now I know that’s not good news. The good news is that we can all look forward to banner headlines in the near future proclaiming “DOW TOPS 11,000” … you know, like the ones we saw on January 9, 2006 and February 14, 2006.

I don’t know about you, but it sure warms my heart that the Dow’s average growth of less than 1% a year during the Bush presidency exceeds the dire predictions of negative growth from the “Hate America” crowd (though please don’t expect me to provide any names … this is my first post after all).

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