On doing something right in Iraq

I believe that Iraq is a mess, that is not a shocking conclusion from what I have written over the past three years now. I believe that the US military is fundamentally tapped out, and that the public support for a long standing, inconclusive, expensive and bloody counter-insurgency, occupation and reconstruction effort was always thin, and is almost non-existent today [John Murtha expresses it very well — video at Crooks and Liars]. Right now the political process is primarily the process of figuring out how to maximize Shi’ite power while screwing the Sunnis and the Kurds to varying degrees, and the violence while calming down against the spasm that killed 1,300+ last week, is still at a pace that is consistent with a pace that has tied down the US military for the past two years.

Pat Lang has, as usually does, cut to the heart of a future problem:

“we should start preparing for refugee re-settlement. There will be no forgiveness for those who sided with us in a post US Iraq.

This is something that should not be controversial, it should not be executed with the usual Bushian incompetence, and it should be predictable. The United States has a moral responsibility to help our allies, and collaborators out, and right now, that means having a realistic evacuation plan in place. We have already blown a greal deal of macro-soft power and credibility with the invasion and occupation of Iraq; it behooves us out of naked self-interest alone if nothing else, to take care of the people who have trusted us at great personal risk.

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