OpEdNews On Casey/Pennacchio

In Bucks county, PA (the must-win county for Democrats) the County democratic committee voted on endorsement for the 2006 senate candidate to run against Rick Santorum. Chuck Pennacchio got 177 votes (47%), and Alan Sandals got 4 votes. Casey got 193 (51.6%), but the good old boys had to work hard just to squeak a Casey win– requiring proxy votes from no shows and making the ballot secret.

Still, the pollsters have been reporting that Pennacchio gets 3% of the vote in their polls. That’s clearly bogus. We’ve been wondering who’s been paying for those polls. I say “lie” in my title, because the polls were designed to get low numbers. That’s not what I consider scientific. It’s deceptive and wrong.

The Way I figure, the committee people who vote in a county endorsement exercise are the most conservative party regulars– the supporting members of the DNC regulars of the Democratic party.

If all Casey could muster from the strongest potential base was 51.6%, he is not, in any way, a shoe-in. This is a live horse race, especially when you consider that it appears that Alan Sandals spent $200,000+ in TV advertising while Pennacchio didn’t spend a nickle. This proves that Pennacchio can win without having more money. He’s doing it the Wellstone way– having built a strong, statewide grassroots base of supporters.

The most impressive thing is that Pennacchio has nearly overtaken someone whose victory is supposed to be a fait accomplis.

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