Pittsburgh’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade

As you are already likely aware, I have spent the past three weeks completely out of pocket (and also out of the region) learning the ropes of my new job. This rigorous travel schedule will not end for at least another three weeks so I would like to take this opportunity to thank Fester, Mr. M, Zen, Alicia, Doug D. and our newest contributor Macswain for picking up the slack. It has been very difficult for me to miss all the exciting political wrangling that has taken place in my absence but nothing bothers me more than not being able to visit and work with US Senate candidate Chuck Pennacchio.

Yesterday Pittsburgh held it’s annual St. Patrick’s Day parade and yet again Chuck took the opportunity to visit the area and introduce himself to the locals. From what I gather he was received very well, and not only by Pittsburghers but also by the man he hopes to challenge in the fall, Rick Santorum. For Chuck’s opinion on the event and a surprise comment from Republican challenger John Featherman head on over to Chuck’s blog. Here is a sneak peek…

I started walking toward him and then he started walking toward me. I said, “Senator Santorum, I’m Chuck Pennacchio,” and he said, “I know who you are.”

I said “I look forward to debating with you in the fall.” He said, “I wish you well getting past the runoff.”

I said “I’m going to do that even if Casey doesn’t agree to debate.” Then I congratulated him for challenging his own primary opponent, John Featherman, to a series of debates and said it was the right thing to do.

He replied, “That’s what’s called public accountability.”

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