Time for Liberals to "Get Real"!

Now that we’ve dissected the latest problems in Iraq, and Dugan has given Bush/Rove another whacking but good, and we’ve celebrated Mr. M’s latest contribution to the liberal base, I say it’s time to turn our attention to the real issues of the day — which teams will win tonight’s NCAA tournament games.

Here are my quick takes.

There’s alot of speculation about LSU offing Duke. Don’t believe it.

West Virginia has the best shot at an upset against Texas. Believe it.

Memphis faces upstart Bradley. It’s Memphis in a tight one.

THE GAME OF THE NIGHT is the finale pitting UCLA vs. Gonzaga. UCLA will win on a big play in the last 30 seconds.

God, I can’t wait for next weekend when I make my annual pilgrimmage to … not Mecca … not the Vatican … but to Vegas. Yeah, baby!

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