Bush Job Approval Continues to Drop

I know I have not posted in weeks but sitting here at the Pittsburgh International Airport waiting for a flight I couldn’t help but notice this story in today’s Washington Post: Bush’s Job Approval Rating Continues to Swoon.

Political reversals at home and continued bad news from Iraq have dragged President Bush’s standing with the public to a new low and boosted Democratic chances of wresting control of Congress from Republicans in the November elections, according to the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll.

The new survey found that 38 percent of the public approved of the job Bush is doing as president, down 3 percentage points in the past month and his worst showing in Post-ABC polling on this key measure since he became president. Sixty percent disapproved of his performance.

Not that this is ground breaking news or something, it’s just that it gives me an opportunity to plug the old schwag again. Yes Folks, it is true W is once again at 38% and dropping…

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