Discussion or Distraction?

So the current topic of national discussion is immigration. Congress is arguing about it, the president has commented on it, public demonstrations about it are happening across the US.

Why now?

Just like other recent topics of national discussion, such as same-sex marriage or abortion, this is another issue that cannot be resolved quickly. So why are these the current topics of national discussion?

Consider these important issues:

– Iraq appears to have been in a state of civil war for some time, and the situation there is deteriorating.

– GW Bush’s approval ratings are low, and continue to sink.

– GW Bush has been implicated in the leaking of an intelligence report, one which has since been proven to be inaccurate.

– More and more Republican party leaders are being implicated in an increasing number of scandals.

– The price of gasoline is approaching $3/gallon.

– The Federal budget deficit is out of control.

– The international trade deficit is out of control.

– More and more people are underemployed or have given up on looking for work, making the official unemployment figures nothing but a bad joke.

– The number of Americans without health insurance is reaching epidemic proportions. Meanwhile, the soaring cost of health insurance is seriously depleting the disposable income of most Americans.

So why is the government instead focusing so much on hot-button controversial issues?

Because they hope the American people will forget about the real issues in the upcoming elections, and instead focus on the distractions.

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