"How the GOP Lost Its Way"

Today’s Washington Post published an article titled, “How the GOP Lost Its Way“. Although its author is not kind to Democrats, the article spells out in detail what is wrong with the attitude of the Republican leadership toward ordinary people.

Most of us who read this blog are Democrat and liberal. This article provides an excellent opportunity to better understand what the current political leadership has been trying to do to this country. I highly recommend this article to anyone who has even the slightest concern about the direction this country has taken for the last several years.

Here are a few excerpts:

The immigration reform debate has highlighted a long-standing fissure in the GOP between the elitist Rockefeller business wing and the party’s conservative populist base. Whether the two groups can continue to coexist and preserve the Republican majority is increasingly doubtful as conservatives begin to consider — and in some cases cheer — the possibility that the GOP may lose control of Congress this fall.

The two camps are deeply divided. The business elites are interested in a large supply of cheap labor and support unfettered immigration and open borders. The populist base supports legal immigration but is concerned about lawlessness on our border, national sovereignty and the real security threat posed by porous borders.“

Far from being driven by xenophobia and intolerance, conservative populists are motivated by a profound respect for the rule of law and by a patriotic regard for America’s sovereignty and national security. Upholding the rule of law and protecting our country’s borders is important to conservative populists and to most Americans.

The Republican Party is now unraveling. Sept. 11, 2001, and the war on terrorism stanched a lot of wounds inside the party, but resentment is growing over steel tariffs, prescription drug benefits, a League of Nations mentality, the growth of government and harebrained spending, the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law, the increasing regulation of political speech in the United States and endemic corruption.

Most telling is this statement taken from the closing paragraph: “But it may be too late, because conservatives don’t want to be part of the looming train wreck.

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