Knocking Pat Roberts Off Of Pandora’s Box?


We got a hot one here tonight!. The big story of the day is that Libby testified before the grand jury in the Plame case that Bush authorized him to leak classified information contained in the National Intelligence Estimate. While the story doesn’t say whether he was specifically authorized to leak Plame’s identity, if memory serves, the NIE did include a discussion regarding Plame’s identity (wasn’t this the same document that was aboard Air Force One on the Africa trip?).

Remember how Bush hates leaks and has promised to fire anyone involved in the Plame leaks. Well, he’s got some ‘splaining to do.

More importantly, will this story open up pandora’s box (knocking Pat Roberts off the lid) as to what exactly the White House did to massage the intelligence and manipulate the American public into supporting a bogus war?

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