Applause for Minority Leader Pelosi

I applaud Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi today for asking Congressman Jefferson (D-LA) to resign his powerful House Ways and Means Committee seat due to his alleged ethical and criminal transgressions [you know, the cold $90 grand found in his freezer]

He rejected this request, and both letters can be found at Raw Story

Ms. Pelosi is taking the lead and sending a clear signal that corruption and self-enrichment is not a Democratic value.

Show her some appreciation via e-mail or call (202) 225-4965

Remember, if you are a progressive who wants to see better Democrats elected as the majority, we need to put out a clear incentive structure for current Democrats to act the way that we want. Sometimes those incentives are negative to current Democrats such as the LaMont primary challenge to Joe Lieberman in CT. At other times, they are positive such as telling a leader that we appreciate their leadership. Sticks and carrots folks, sticks and carrots…

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