Needing More Corners in Iraq

President Bush is calling for a mulligan, as today he stated that Iraq is “turning a corner”.

  • Militias are better funded, trained and motivated than the Iraqi Army
  • Combat intensity rates have remained consistent at a rate that is similiar to the experience that the Red Army had in Afghanistan
  • We’re drawing down to 100,000 this fall — really we are…. (Sike, made you look)
  • Only Kurdistan is in the green and Anbar is still the stronghold of the Sunni Arab insurgency despite several division sized chomp and stomp assaults in the past two years
  • More Iraqis are refugees this year than last year
  • Ethnic cleansing is increasing in Iraq, and the 3-way partition plan would only increase this trend.
  • No one respects US saber rattling in the region — the only coercive threat the US has is a system take-down via airpower in Iran which would lead to a high probability of widespread systems disruption and economic retaliation by disparate and less deterabble groups.

    So how many corners have we turned since this photo?

Giving the way things are going, Iraq must be near an infinite sided polygon.

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