Bush to Employ "Jedi Mind Trick" Against North Korean Missile

This is the tale of two news stories – one involves the hard facts of REALITY, the other pure FANTASY.

The stark light of reality regarding the horrible conditions in Iraq broke through this last week in the form of a leaked memo from the American Ambassador in Iraq, Zalmay Khalilzad, to the State Department. It was shocking for its detailed description of the dangerous and freedom-lacking lives Iraqi embassy employees faced outside the Green Zone. I won’t go into detail as I assume most of you have read it on the liberal blogosphere (if you haven’t, you can access it here), but let’s just say that if I were wearing the new khaki shorts my wife and kids gave my for Father’s Day in Baghdad, I would be a good candidate for a bullet.

While receiving large play in the liberal blogosphere, the mainstream media was relatively quiet about the Khalilzad memo.

The media has not been so shy about covering our second tale. The second tale involves the Bush administration’s chest-thumping claim of the possibility of using our “missle defense system” to shoot down any long range missile launched as a result of North Korea’s threatened test. This story is pure Bush PR spin and involves a tale that simply is not going to happen. North Korea is unlikely to launch a long range missile anywhere near us and, even if they did, we will NOT seek to intercept it and expose that our missile defense has a 0% chance of success. It has NEVER succeeded – not once – under real world circumstances and has an abysmal success rate even under the most meticulously fixed settings.

The “Jedi Mind Trick” has as much chance of success in taking down the North Korean missile.

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