Why I can’t defend PGH Council

The recent flurry of proposals to shrink Pittsburgh City Council are something that I want to oppose. As it is, the districts seem to be about the right size to a little bit large for effective retail contact between the councilor and the constituents, and thus empowering the machine. The city is divided into almost ninety neighborhoods that actually are fairly distinctive communities with their own seperate interests. Even dividing the city into ‘meta’ neighborhoods leads to at least a good seven or eight sections of the city. I really want to defend the City Council structurally at the very least, but they make it too difficult to do this with a straight face.

Via Jonathan Potts, the Tribune Review reports about the outstanding quality of representation on council:

Detective Brian Nicholas, who works in the city police’s narcotics investigation unit, was traveling nearby and responded. The two officers are brothers.

As police tried to calm fans, Koch pushed Joe Nicholas and said that Gary Bevan shouldn’t be arrested, police said.

Bryan Nicholas pushed Koch back, and the councilman tripped over a garbage can and fell onto a hillside, police said.

Combine this with Opie, the mayor of Shadyside, showing up for a party at 2:37AM to get his groove on, and the argument that Carslisle should not be impeached because there is no good replacement in the district, and it becomes real tough to defend the structure of council.

I must remind myself to read the Angry Drunk Bureaucrat’s Rules more often, most notably the following one:

Rule #16: “Politicians are not smarter than you.”

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