Republican Wage Proposal, "Political Cover"

Since the beginning of George Bush’s first term in office the Democratic party has been clamoring for a much needed increase in the $5.15 per hour minimum wage. Of course all efforts by the Dems have gone over like a fart in church within the Republican controlled congress. That is until now.

In a sign of just how scared the Republican party is of losing control of congress this fall, House Republicans are actually planning on floating a $2 increase in the minumum wage today, just in time to head back to their districts and campaign. Of course, this move is not the result of some sort of epiphany on the part of the GOP. No they did not realize all of a sudden that $10,712.00 is an imposible wage to live on, nor did they acknowledge finally that a full 80% of those working at this wage are adults and 59% are women.

No, they have admittedly come to this point for one reason only

Mr. Boehlert and others have argued that Republican support for an increase in the federal wage is essential to shore up the party’s strength among blue-collar and low-income workers who could decide critical House contests in the Northeast and Midwest. (emphasis mine)

The moderates ran into opposition from conservatives who said the wage proposal could turn off campaign contributors with the elections looming and drive away the party’s business base. But some lawmakers said opponents also recognized the political necessity of giving moderates some political cover, a prospect more appealing than potentially losing their majority in the House.

That’s right, we don’t really give a shit about these workers but we’ll be damned if we are going to let our boys go out there without “political cover.” Pathetic.

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