What’s Better About Today Than Two Weeks Ago?

Bush & Blair finally got off their asses today and called for a ceasefire in Southern Lebanon.

Will the media have the courage to ask why now and not two weeks ago?

Has the delay in calling for this ceasefire had any positive effect? Is Hezebollah any less powerful or, in fact, more so?

I’ll tell you what’s worse because of the delay … hundreds of dead civilians. Maybe Bush thinks the dead can rest easy knowing they gave their lives to bolster Bush and Condi’s internal political strategies here in the U.S.

I’ll also give you another issue the traditional American media is afraid to cover … whether our blind support for Israel has actually increased the dangers being faced by our troops in Iraq? I’ve heard the number of attacks has jumped and one must wonder if these are coming from Shiites sympathetic to Hezbollah or angered over the deaths of Lebanese civilians.

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