Kiss of Death

One of the dominant images of the Lamont-Lieberman CT Dem Senate primary race has been The Kiss:

This float has been dragged back and forth through all of CT because it resonates the uncomfortable closeness on major issues between Joe Lieberman and the reactionary Republican Party that currently holds power. If there was not an undercurrent of unease about his alliance with the Republican Party on the important matter, the Kiss Float would be no more effective than the giant puppets show up at POG-events.

This is an obvious point. The main point of weakness for Senator Lieberman is that he is out of touch with his constituents and supports Republican policies that are against the interests of CT. Therefore the following video makes no sense to me.

Via Digby is the following YouTube vidoe of conservative Republicans expressing their support for Senator Lieberman:

Crooks and Liars has the Tom DeLay endorsement of Joe Lieberman at their site also.

Senator Lieberman provides two valuable functions for the Republican Party. The first is that he adapts the frames that the GOP uses in attacking and weakening the Democratic Party brand in the public mind. The most notable example was his Wall Street Journal op-ed that said that criticizing the President was unpatriotic during wartime. The second is that he often provides a veneer of bipartisanship to policies that hurt the vast majority of America. He is a useful idiot for the GOP.

They know that, I know that, and they are still endorsing Lieberman in a primary where the question is whether or not CT Dems want a useful idiot in the Senate. These endorsements are not productive endorsements from the GOP point of view. They are negative endorsements as they reinforce the frame that Ned Lamont and his campaign are trying to sell — Joe is a Republican ally when the chips are down… so why so many GOP aligned endorsements when the optimal strategy is either to say nothing (as most partisans will do when there is a contested primary in the other party) or endorse Lamont to muddy the waters…

I am confused here.

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