News Corporation Trolling Lefty Blogs???

Surfing along through my stats today I noticed something odd, a visitor from News Corporation (parent company of FOXNews) on a post that Fester put up back in March titled AP-Ipso on Iraq is Schitzo.

Then, upon looking at the comments on that post I noticed something even stranger. Beginning on March 17 and running through today that same person from News Corp. (using different names of course) has thrown up links to stories on FOXNews’ website a total of 18 times.

Eighteen links on a five month old post that no one, other than a bored me, would have noticed. Not that this is important information or anything but one has to wonder what Rupert Murdoch would think of this type of behavior, on company time, using company property? I certainly don’t see any return on this type of investment.

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