Surprise! Fox’s Expert Was A Lil Wrong About Whackjob Karr

The Whackjob Karr has been cut loose from the Boulder, Colorado jail. Ya see … his DNA didn’t match.

But let’s not forget Curt Baggett. He was the handwriting expert who got massive publicity in the media – most notably with John Gibson on Fox – by claiming a match between Karr’s high school yearbook notes and the note left at the JonBenet murder scene.

An “expert” … uhm, apparently not. But let this be a lesson, there is always some “expert” the media, especially Fox, will trot out to deliver the desired spin. Remember the “Nobel Prize nominated” jackass Hannity trotted out during the Schiavo controversy.

Now how does that old saying go, “Fool me once …”

To be fair, Baggett was only 99.9999% sure that Karr wrote the murder note. You can expect he’ll be right the next 999,999 times.

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