Wow (thoughts on CT-Sen)

Just a couple more thoughts from last night’s win up in CT by Ned Lamont.

1) The 50% turnout level was an unfavorable turnout level for Lamont as far as I understand it for Lamont’s campaign — higher proportion of low information voters, but still got a solid victory. This, I think augers well for November as he will have his primary voters and he has demonstrated an ability to get a very wide swath of the Democratic Party behind him. I remember seeing a good argument that the optimal turnout level for Lamont to win would have bee roughly 27%.

2) For once it was nice to be cheering for the competent campaign.

3) Grassroots campaigning is significantly cheaper than consultant broadcast bombardment campaigning. Just pulling Lamont’s most recent FEC report which showed that he collected $4.1 million dollars including massive self financing. Joe Lieberman’s report had him collecting 7.6 million dollars. Both of these reports were good up to July 19, 2006. Since then Lamont through another half million of his own money into the race, and Lieberman collected another 4 million dollars or more for the primary. So the old style campaign methodology which produced a loss cost twice as much as the new style…. that gives me some hope for November.

4) The following pisses me off:

“For the sake of our state, our country and my party, I cannot and will not let that result stand,” Lieberman said.

This attitude would have been nice to have seen in Florida during the 2000 recount. That was a slightly bigger deal on who is going to be 1% of the US Senate next year; just a slightly bigger deal.

5) Congrats have to go out to Hillary Clinton, Rahm Emmanual, Evan Bayh and other national Democrats who have immediately stepped up in support for Ned Lamont.

6) The Hotline is reporting that Lieberman is looking for a new campaign team:

Dem campaign history is a must as the Lieberman team doesn’t want any GOP consultants helping due to his need to keep the Dems he has already.

This is a massive pressure point for the national Democratic leadership to apply against Lieberman’s independent run. Schumer, Emmanual, Dean, Pelosi, Reid et al should let it be quickly and certainly known throughout D.C. that anyone working for Lieberman after this Friday (give a little bit of time for graceful resignations) should not expect to get any work from the Democratic Party in the next three or four cycles.

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