Fund Let’s Slip a Two’fer, and Possibly an October Surprise

On Hardball this evening the Wall Street Journal’s John Fund said two things that are worth noting. First, in defense of the President’s torture sins he said the following,

Chris, you have a shifting definition here. On September 12, 2001, I think almost anything that was done at the time would not have been viewed as torture by the American people. Now it’s September 12, 2006 (sic), it’s five years difference. And I think now that there is a shifting definition.

Huh? If I am not mistaken what Fund is trying to say here is that any torture committed between Sept. 12, 2001 and now can be justified by some sort of crime-of-passion excuse. Nice try but it is for these exact reasons that the Geneva Conventions were written. If all we have to do is justify our bad deeds by saying we were really pissed at the time then the rule of law is replaced by the rule of the wild west.

The second thing Fund did this evening was reveal in a little greater depth what I think is the Republican party’s 2006 October surprise. He kept referring to how there is no credible evidence that torture was committed at Guantanamo Bay, and oh by the way, now all the detainees we have are in Guantanamo Bay. As if them having been transferred there two weeks ago erases anything that may have occurred to them while they were being detained, shall I say, elsewhere.

He then goes on to give the big clue.

I think in the next few months, we’re going to hear how the British extracted information from the people that were planning to blow up those airliners in Britain. And we’re going to have a very interesting debate as to whether or not that will be viewed as a torture.

So, if I have this right Fund is suggesting that we will have real world proof of the administrations “ticking time bomb scenario” revealed to us publicly soon. How convenient. In the midst of a heated mid term election, with the President against the ropes and fighting powerful members of his own party of his desire to redefine torture, a real world example of torture providing actionable inteligence.

Of course I could be wrong but it just seemed like too nice of a piece of foreshadowing to be ignored. As promised I have updated this post with the exact words of Fund which can be found here as transcribed by MSNBC.

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