James Dobson to Visit Pittsburgh

I was heading south on I-79 this afternoon and was confronted with the “do you want some candy” look of none other than Rev. James Dobson staring down at me from a 40 ft. billboard. Apparently Mr. Dobson has decided to kick off a set of what he is billing as “Stand for the Family Rallies” here in America’s sweating groin of heathenism – Pittsburgh.

In collaboration with leading pro-family groups, Focus on the Family Action and Dr. James Dobson are gearing up for the November elections by hosting rallies intended to mobilize Christian voters.

The rallies will kick off in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on September 20, followed by St. Paul, Minnesota October 3, and Nashville, Tennessee October 16. Brad Miller Public Policy Representative with Focus Action explains the purpose.

These rallies are designed to educate and to motivate pro-family conservative Christians.

That’s right, you too can spend some time with the SpongeBob-o-phobic reverend as he prepares you for the upcoming mid-term elections. Sounds like a blast.

Of course Maria has already beat me to this, but if you are interested in showing your disdain for this fellow you can join Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents, show up yourself with a sign and a bullhorn at Mellon Arena, or write the Post Gazette or Tribune Review and let them know what you think.

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