Kristol & Lowry: "Send More Meredith Howards"


From The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

An Army reservist who has become the oldest Wisconsin war casualty in at least 50 years told family members that she worried about being too old and poorly trained for combat.

“We had no idea why she was there,” said Lorraine Stevenson, a cousin of Merideth Howard of Waukesha, who was killed Friday in Afghanistan, five months after her unit arrived there.

Rest In Peace, Ms. Howard. You are a hero.

POSTSCRIPT: Meredith Howard was killed in Afghanistan. A fact that points out another glaring problem with Kristol and Lowry’s editorial that I criticized yesterday. Their call for more troops was only for Iraq … Afghanistan wasn’t even mentioned. In fact, we’ve withdrawn many of our troops from Afghanistan even though the job there is far from being done and is in perilous danger of completely unraveling. This is the job that a vast majority of the American public and the International Community supported. Success in Afghanistan is critical to our credibility as a nation and, hence, our long-term foreign policy.

Yet, Kristol and Lowry ignore the impact “more troops” for Iraq would have and, indeed, has had on Afghanistan. Once again, I stand by my charge that the Post editorial was not a serious proposal by mere political ass coverage for two selfish and egotistical blowhards. For selflessness, we have Ms. Howard.

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