Scarborough to Congressional Republicans, Your Constituents are Stupid

In what the Washington Post is billing as the “Republican Advice Issue” Former Republican Congressman and MSNBC commentator Joe Scarborough attempts to answer the defining question of this election cycle. How can Congressional Republicans, running for their political lives, deflect responsibility for their failures over the past five years?

I can’t help but feel sorry for my old Republican friends in Congress who are fighting for their political lives. After all, it must be tough explaining to voters at their local Baptist church’s Keep Congress Conservative Day that it was their party that took a $155 billion surplus and turned it into a record-setting $400 billion deficit.

How exactly does one convince the teeming masses that Republicans deserve to stay in power despite botching a war, doubling the national debt, keeping company with Jack Abramoff, fumbling the response to Hurricane Katrina, expanding the government at record rates, raising cronyism to an art form, playing poker with Duke Cunningham, isolating America and repeatedly electing Tom DeLay as their House majority leader?

How does a God-fearing Reagan Republican explain all that away?

Easy. Blame George W. Bush.

I have a real hard time with Joe, who claims to be all about accountability and strong moral values, suggesting the way for congressional Republicans to win is to throw the President under the bus. Does this not ring of hypocrisy? The problem isn’t the President, the problem is that once given complete one party control of the government the Republican controlled Congress shirked their main duty as a check on executive power, failed to question a single Bush position, and instead simply rubber stamped everything the Prez threw at them.

Incredibly what Scarborough is saying here is that Americans – more accurately Republican Americans – are so stupid that one more lie coupled with a little blame shifting is their only salvation. I have an alternative solution directed at those in the Republican party that Joe finds so stupid, your best bet for returning to some sort of normalcy in Washington is swallow your pride and ensure the Democrats gain a majority in Congress. This is the only way to guarantee that George W. Bush is held in check for the next two years.

I firmly believe that if this occurs the President will leave office in 2008 with a job approval rating near 60%. What you say? Listen, the downfall of any one party rule is that the bad ideas are given as much credibility as the good. I am no fan of “W” but you have to admit that he would not be nearly as polarizing a figure had he been kept in check over the past five years. Maybe, just maybe asking the president to decide which battles to fight will allow him to become the uniter he ran as in 2001. For America’s sake I can only hope so.

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