Enjoying the write-offs

I have been getting more and more optimistic about the upcoming election as Republican strategic behavior is mimicing the strategic behavior of the Democrats in 2000, 2002, and 2004 where as the election draws ever closer, the weaker party is falling back ever closer to their core in an attempt to conserve resources for the most effecively marginal races.

Political Wire is reporting that the NRSC is writing off their chances to defend incumbent Mike DeWine (R-OH) and shifting their resources to Missouri, Tennessee and Virginia. This move will save them significant bundles of cash, but it also saves the DSCC and other Democratic leaning marginal money/late infusion groups significant sums of cash that can be partially shifted southward. And this year, the tactical retreat may not be buying the GOP much breathing room, for as Kevin Drum notes from a Wall Street Journal report the GOP has relied on vastly superior funding to eke out narrow wins but this year the funding gaps are comparatively miniscule between the two parties.

So right now it looks like the GOP has written off Santorum and DeWine, has reduced its committment to Burns and Chaffee and is seeking only one pick-off attempt in New Jersey which is a Democratic state in a Democratic year. I am liking this shrinking GOP field.

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