GOP Implosion Update

TPMmuckraker has a pretty interesting rundown of the events surrounding Mark Foley here. Not surprisingly speaker of the House Hastert has decided to start blaming Bill Clinton for his woes.

Also worth noting is the lovely infighting in the right-wing blogosphere over this mornings Drudge non-story.

As Michelle Malkin said

The right thing for the conservative outing mob to have done would have been to halt the gotcha locomotive and make a good-faith effort to ask the young man if he was Brian Ross’s primary source or “accuser.” But nobody gave him a chance to verify that before his name was dragged out into the open.

Also lost in the feeding frenzy is the plain, indelible fact that Foley initiated his sexually explicit contacts with the exposed young man when he was a minor.

The fact that Foley continued his contact with the exposed young man after he turned 18 does not mitigate his original predatory behavior before.

This young man’s name is now one of Technorati’s top search terms thanks to the conservative outing mob.

Sorry X.

Here are a couple more worthwhile reads while you are at it. I’ll add more here today as they come up.

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