PA-14 House Activism

Okay, we are in the final stretch, and Democrats look like they are in
pretty good shape for the House, and a bit tougher shape for the
Senate. One of the reasons that Democrats are in good shape for the
House is that the list of winnable seats still seems to be expanding.
To continue this expansion, second and third tier campaigns need
resources, and resources means money for the next two weeks and
volunteers for the last week.

However since these races are second and third tier races, the
organizational capacity to quickly raise money is most likely lacking,
so these candidates will be reliant on national coordinated campaign
money, which means either DNC or DCCC money. One of the easiest
sources of additional DCCC money is from Democratic incumbents who
have significant cash on hand and either no challenger or a token

Mike Doyle is one of these incumbents. According to Open
, Congressman Doyle has roughly $280,000 cash on hand as of
Sept. 30, 2006.

Please call his campaign office at 412-244-9101 and ask him to
transfer a portion of his current cash on hand to the DCCC in order to
help fund more competive and marginal races. Additionally thank him
for his current support for the DCCC as he has already overpaid his DCCC dues.


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