Republican Murphy Charged with Wrongdoing by Staff

In an interesting turn of events incumbent Republican Pennsylvania Congressman Tim Murphy has been accused of unethical behavior by his own staffers.

U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy, who is seeking his third term in Congress, has mixed campaign activities and official government work in a manner that present and former staffers consider unethical or in violation of House rules, according to interviews with a half-dozen of them.

“I see someone in a very high office taking advantage of people and situations, and it’s wrong,” said Jayne O’Shaughnessy, the scheduler in his Mt. Lebanon district office since April 2005. “He’s someone who should know better.”

Considering the general “throw the bums out” mood of PA voters initiated by the state congressional pay raise issue, the presidents’ poor handling of the war in Iraq and the multitudes of Republican ethics scandals plaguing Washington one has to wonder whether Murphy’s alleged ethical violations will tip the scales in favor of his Democratic opponent Chad Kluko.

UPDATE: Thanks to Ol’ Froth for pointing out that Murphy’s alleged behavior sounds an awful lot like the behavior that convicted another Western Pennsylvania legislator in 2005, former State Rep. Jeff Habay, R-Shaler. It is worth noting that Habay is still awaiting trial on 20 counts including “a felony charge of possessing or using a facsimile weapon of mass destruction” for calling in a fake anthrax attack and attempting to attribute it his political opponent.

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