The Liar, The Blimp and The Weirdo

ABC News is reporting that House Speaker Dennis Hastert made an attempt today to clear his name as it relates to the Foley pedophelia cover up by paying a visit to everyones favorite drug addict, Rush Limbaugh. Unfortunately Hastert forgot that the radio program was being BROADCAST and let slip a big fat Limbaugh sized lie.

On “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” Hastert painted this uproar as a liberal conspiracy to win back the House of Representatives.

“If they get to me, it looks like they could affect our election as well,” Hastert said.

Hastert went on to tell Limbaugh’s listeners — and other audiences — that he and the GOP leadership had facilitated Foley’s resignation.

“We took care of Mr. Foley,” Hastert said. “We found out about it, asked him to resign. He did resign. He’s gone.”

That wasn’t true.

Foley resigned before anyone in leadership could speak to him.

The Nation was not so kind in it’s assessment of Denny’s little trip.

Sounds good. There’s only one problem.

Hastert was making the whole thing up.

Foley quit after the news of the emails was broken by ABC’s Brian Ross. There has never been any indication that the congressman spoke with members of the Republican leadership. Indeed, by all accounts, including those of Hastert’s office, Foley quit of his own accord before consulting in any way with the Speaker or any other Republican leader.

When ABC reporters contacted Hastert’s office about the discrepancy, they were informed that the Speaker “misspoke.”

Er, no, Hastert did not “misspeak.” As he has several times since this scandal broke, Hastert lied. And, once again, he got caught.

To be honest, the best take on this whole thing comes from Glenn Greenwald over at Unclaimed Territory. Here is a snippit but I suggest you head on over and read the entire redefinition of moral degenerate for yourself.

In need of moral absolution and support from a respected and admired figure who possesses moral authority among Hastert’s morally upstanding Republican base, to whom does Hastert turn? A priest or respected reverend? An older wise political statesman with a reputation for integrity and dignity? No, there is only one person with sufficient moral credibility among the increasingly uncomfortable moralistic Republican base who can give Hastert the blessing he needs:

Rush Limbaugh. And so that is where Hastert went yesterday in order to obtain the Decree that He Did Nothing Wrong.

UPDATES Via Josh Marshall: Denny is now officially imploding.

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