Canvassing Updates

Okay just a couple of quick things on Get out the Vote:

Hard money candidate advocacy canvassing opportunity opening up this weekend helping out Jason Altmire win over Missy Hart.

They’re looking for people to do at least 2 days min 6 hrs/day @$12/hr. The max is 4 days at 11 hours per day.

When: Saturday, Nov. 4 – Tuesday, Nov. 7
Call: 412-721-8707 (Ask for John)

(Paid for by SEIU COPE. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee)

[h/t to 2 Political Junkies for the formatting]

Second, the weather looks like it will be cooperating with us this weekend. From the Weater Channel:

I’ll have my wool socks and UnderArmor on for the first couple days of the fifty hours or so of canvassing I am scheduled for, but Monday and Tuesday look like great days for voting.

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