Defending the United Nations

This mini-documentary represents a valuable defense of the U.N. I am aware this is a hot issue with Libertarians and many Republican (as well as some Democrats) and will likely be brushed off as Liberal propaganda. That would be a mistake. Short of the FoxNEWS jab, which seems a bit on the intentionally deceptive side – Fox can not be the only network with trucks parked a the U.N. on a daily basis (I will give Daniel Noel the benefit of the doubt on this one and write it off as a cheap shot at an easy target) – it is very engaging and informative.

I give Liberty News and Daniel Noel two thumbs up for Defending the United Nations.

Here is a direct link to this video in both WMV and Real Media format. As always comments are welcome.

UPDATE: Thanks to the power of the internet I was granted permission to post this video on YouTube. As a result of their posting requirements it needed to be split into the two parts below.

Part 1

Part 2

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