The Worlds Best Person of the Day: Pennsylvania DEP Secretary Kathleen McGinty

I can not tell you how huge this lawsuit could be.

Thirteen U.S. states sued the federal Environmental Protection Agency on Monday for failing to set air quality standards that could save up to 24,000 lives a year.

The suit, filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, says the EPA ignored the advice of its own scientists. They recommended that it should lower the acceptable level for airborne soot — known as fine particulate matter — to 13 or 14 micrograms per cubic metre of air from the 15-microgram level that took effect on Monday.

The agency’s own analysis found that lowering the level to 13 would have prevented 24,000 premature deaths per year from chronic respiratory disease and asthma attacks, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, one of the parties to the lawsuit.

Living near possibly the worst polluter in the state of Pennsylvania, Shenango Coke Works, I can attest to the immediate effects of the EPA’s criminal attempt at deregulation.

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