Here’s Some Black History For Ya

The story of Tyrone Brown, sentenced to life in prison in 1990 for violating his probation by smoking a joint, is gaining steam. Sixteen years after his initial incarceration at the age of 17, Brown is one Texas Governor away from freedom.

In one of the most painfully ironic illustrations of the unequal treatment of black’s in America, Brown’s case may never have gone beyond a local story had Brooks Egerton of the Dallas Morning News not caught the story on The November Coalition’s website. His groundbreaking piece entitled Unequal Justice ran with the following by-line; Two very different men commit two very different crimes. When both violate probation, there are wildly different results: The robber gets life; the killer remains free.

According to WFAA in Dallas/Fort Worth…

the case seemed hopeless until the Dallas Morning News compared her son’s sentence to Alex Wood’s.

Wood killed a gay prostitute by shooting him in the back. He pleaded guilty to murder and received ten years probation. But when he violated his probation because he was arrested with cocaine, Judge Dean never sent him to jail.

“That makes you really look at the law in Texas, and it’s just like, ‘Lord, Jesus!'” Mrs. Brown said.

Any visibility we in the progressive blogosphere can shed on this case can only help pressure Texas Governor Rick Perry to move quickly so please, link liberally and track-back accordingly.

Hat Tip to Things That People Will Do.

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