Time For the Nuclear Option?

All we heard from the Republican controlled 109th Congress were threats that if the minority Democrats attempted a filibuster they would use the “nuclear option” in order to force a vote. With the Republican’s now in the minority they have actually used the filibuster twice to block debate on the no confidence escalation vote.

Senate Republicans for a second time blocked a symbolic attempt by Democrats to reject President Bush’s troop increase yesterday, but GOP defections were higher than before, suggesting Republican cracks as the Iraq war dominates Congress’s agenda.

With the 56 to 34 vote, Democrats fell shy of the 60 votes required to kick off debate on a nonbinding resolution passed by the House last week that expresses support for the troops but criticizes Bush’s decision to expand combat ranks by more than 20,000 troops. Senate Democrats picked up five new Republican allies in their effort to advance the resolution, bringing the GOP total to seven.

So the question begs to be asked, is it time for the Democrats to invoke the nuclear option (or constitutional option as the pseudo-patriots liked to call it) to get these cowards to vote?

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