More Sandlot Name Calling

This story will most likely get buried beneath the rubble of the US Attorney firing scandal, the ongoing war between the White House and congress over timetable language tied to war financing, and whatever other malarchy this administration is up to.

I’m speaking about the withdrawal of the abassadorial nomination of Sam Fox to, of all places, the globally vital nation of… Belgium. Okay, so it’s not like it’s that high up of a post. We’re not talking about a judicial nomination, or Secretary of State or something, it’s the ambassador to Belgium, but it’s still an important story.

When it became clear that Fox wasn’t going to be able to garner the requisite votes necessary to be confirmed as ambassador, his nomination was pulled, and the following statement made:

“Some members of the Senate would have voted against his nomination, which would have prevented him for serving in this important position,” Perino said. “So we are disappointed that they made their decision based on partisan politics instead of his leadership abilities.”

Partisan politics? Say it isn’t so! But much like this post I wrote the other day, again the onus of injecting partisan rancor in the debate falls not on the Democrats, but on the Republican party and its constituents.

In this instance, Senate Democrats cited the fact that Fox was a donor for, of all people, the SWIFT BOAT VETERANS FOR TRUTH?! We’re not talking about the Heritage Foundation, or even Focus on the Family, but instead a deceitful, lying organization whose sole purpose during the 2004 election was to attack and sink Kerry by spreading as many untruths as is humanly possible.

On a presonal level, who could really blame Senator Kerry for being bitter?

But seriously. Partisan politics? Again, YOU GUYS STARTED IT! If you would like the Democratic caucus to play nice, QUIT TRYING TO TAKE A BASEBALL BAT TO THEIR KNEES EVERYTIME THEY TURN AROUND! It’s just a thought.

Of course there will be some righty reading this thinking, ‘So he donated to the Swifties, how’s that affect his ability to be an ambassador?’ Nevermind the righties who actually still believe the Swifties were right in the first place.

There are a few major implications here that are directly related to the ability of Fox to act as ambassador. For one, we have to keep in mind that Fox donated fifty thousand dollars to an inherently dishonest and dare I say evil organization in order to affect the political landscape. In other words, Fox is FOR the obfuscation of facts in order to ensure that power resides where he wants it to reside, not a very good model for someone to follow when they are acting as our liason to other nations. (As I continue to write this piece, I’m beginning to wonder if I’m talking about the man or the news network…)

Then you have his unwillingness to apologize, condemn the actions of the Swifties, or in any way recuse himself from their actions which speaks poorly on the man’s integrity and ability to accept responsbility (sound like anyone else we know? ahem…*Bush*… no wonder El Presidente likes this guy). This is a man who is going to be, on many occasions acting on the behalf of the United States, and if he cannot carry himself with a modicum of responsibility, how are we to expect him to be able to do so in his representation of our nation?

Finally, in his own defense, Fox has said that, “When I’m asked, I just generally give,” apparently meaning he really didn’t know what the hell he was donating fifty thousand dollars to in the first place. If this is a lie (which I’m really apt to think it is because for one, the man had made it to “Ranger” status for Bush during the 2004 elections, no small deal in and of itself, and for another, HELLO! 50 grand! Who gives away fifty grand without at least having a small inkling as to where it is going) then that just goes to further prove the man cannot be trusted. If on the outside chance, however, he is actually telling the truth, we find ourselves with another problem in that the man just doesn’t pay enough attention to detail to serve the government in any capacity, let alone ambassador.

But there’s a reason why I’m paying so much attention to something that rates only a little above a several paragraph wire report, and that’s because this is showing a pattern on how the White House is coping with a hostile congress. “Partisan Politics.” “Partisan Politics.” “Partisan Politics.”

It is looking more and more like every time congress goes against the White House, every time they get in the way of whatever nefarious schemes Bush is planning on putting in place, the knee jerk reaction is to scream “Partisan Politics” like it’s a flag down on the play.

I say GOOD!

Going against my own political beliefs, I don’t think the Dems are being partisan enough. I won’t be so bold as to call the midterms a mandate, but I will say that it was a loud wake up call from the voters that they are tired of the unchecked power held by this administration. They are tired of the agenda of the people being put aside in favor of the bullheadedness designs of the president and the GOP. They want a government that serves them, and not the other way around.

So push! Be partisan! Put the GOP on their heels and I guarantee every veto, every failed nominee, every time Dana Perino has to get up in front of the cameras and blame the Democrats for employing partisan politics, it is just driving the message home even further that this administration, and the party for which it stands, is not in the service of the public, but in the service of themselves and their benefactors.

Keep pushing, and let’s show the bullies that they no long rule the sandlot.

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