The Beginning

That’s exactly what I’m hoping this is.

I remember way back when the Dem’s took over congress saying something to the effect of the single thing they needed to do was run the president’s pen dry from all the vetoing they were making him do, and here we go.

Ultimately, this doesn’t mean much. We’re still giving Bush the money, and the timetable language in the bill isn’t binding, but it’s a start. Bush will in all likelihood follow through with his threat to veto, and there the games officially begin.

In a way, this is kind of sad. We’re about to start playing political football with the troops in danger playing the part of the ball itself, but this is ultimately the result of an administration allowed to run rampant for six years under a rubber stamp congress. I, along with House and Senate majority leaders, hope that the Commander in Chief will actually put this foolish hardheadedness away, and actually work with congress to put an end to this war.

But I’m not holding my breath.

It should be said that I’m not making this statement solely because I want the war to end, but because the rest of the country wants it to as well. The point is that yet again too many people seem to have forgotten that all these folks in Washington work for us. A pretty big majority of US wants nothing further to do with Iraq, and WE would please like THEM to put an end to it, and ANY actions otherwise is basically insubordination. Through opinion polls, demonstrations, op eds, and countless other media, we have given the order, and our elected officials are disobeying those orders.

They should be fired.

But as that’s not likely to happen, let’s look at what is. Following the veto, only one of two things can happen. Either the Senate will pass a bill that ditches the timetable language, or, they make the language more aggressive. I know that it’s pretty much guaranteed that the former is predestined to happen, but you know, I’d kinda like to see the latter.

What I would really like to see is every time Bush vetoes that bill, we send it back, getting harsher each time. Right now it’s you can have the money, but we’d like you to use a timetable, but you don’t have to. Then, let’s make it, okay you didn’t like that, now you HAVE to use the timetable. Oh? What’s that you say El Presidente? Veto again? Alright, you asked for it; now you not only HAVE to use the timetable, but we are going to establish an END DATE, and we are going to cut it short by a few months.

Oh my, he vetoed again… Well damn, I guess you don’t like timetables… How about you just go ahead and bring those troops back now, and we’ll give you just enough cash to do it.

I think you know what I’m going after here. And in all honesty, I think it’s feasible. Now is not the time for Democrats to try and show how nice they can play. Now is the time to show they mean business, that the change of majority in both the House and the Senate was a large statement made by the nation that we do not approve. And while I know this may sound a little more idealistic than I’m prone to sounding, think about the whole board.

If executed properly, what this will look like is a President flailing about trying to pump more vitality into a largely unpopular war, each veto putting him further and further out of touch with what the people want. In the end, I can foresee RNC operatives taping El Presidente’s hands to his sides in a last ditch effort to save their party’s chance at winning any election ever again.

Ah… wouldn’t it be nice.

Back to reality now.

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