Tyrone Brown is Officially a Free Man!

Almost one month ago I posted an article entitled Here’s Some Black History For Ya about one Tyrone Brown, a young black man jailed for life by the extremely unjust Texas judicial system.

Well, justice has finally prevailed as Tyrone Brown now finds himself a free man!

It’s official: Tyrone Brown, the man sentenced to life in prison for violating probation with a single marijuana cigarette, is a free man. Brown was released from prison on Thursday.

ABC News’ “20/20” documented this story in November 2006. Brown is African-American, poor and without connections. His harsh sentence was contrasted with the mercy shown to a white criminal who murdered someone, then repeatedly violated his parole with cocaine.

The privileged criminal, who was the son of a Baptist minister and the brother-in-law of a U.S. congressman, was never sent to jail, and now even his probation has been lifted.

Brown was involved in an armed robbery that yielded $2. He, too, was first sentenced to probation, but when he violated it just once with a marijuana joint, he was sentenced to life. He has served 17 years. Both men were sentenced by the same judge, Keith Dean.

After the “20/20” report, Dallas voters ousted Dean from the bench, and last week Brown was granted a “conditional pardon” by Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

The pardon requires Brown to live with his mother, report to a parole officer, find a job and work with a therapist. The governor’s press secretary said those conditions are to help Brown reintegrate into society.

Many thanks to my buddy Cernig for pointing the story out to this otherwise absent blogger.

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