Blame Video Games & Movies!

It didn’t take long. On the day of Cho’s shooting, we had Dr. Phil pandering to the wingnuts by suggesting that its the video games that desensitize American youth to violence and thereby implying a cause for Cho’s rampage.

Now the New York Times and ABC News have both run pieces (both front paged with a photo on their websites) connecting Cho’s massacre as an imitation of the South Korean movie Oldboy. Ignore the fact that they are only speculating that the Cho photo is based on Oldboy and, indeed, are only guessing that Cho had actually seen the movie. Ignore the fact that Oldboy involves a man getting revenge against a gang of violent and criminal bad guys and not going on a rampage against innocent civilians. It’s a great hook for blaming the “Hollywood liberals.”

These elite media types must have been disappointed to all hell when they found out Cho really dug a Collective Soul song rather than say rap music or heavy metal.

But if you were to follow the logic of these elitist media nutters, wouldn’t you have to also consider Cho’s statements that he is like Jesus Christ and question his Christianity as the cause of his actions? Of course, these pandering fools won’t go there.

Nor should they. The evidence thus far indicates Cho’s work was that of a very sick, mentally deranged young man. He may have taken things he saw in movies or learned in his religion to twist out a rationale for his despicable acts. But should the media really be looking to do that in an effort to blame video games or Hollywood liberals?

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