Hi everyone

I had a snarky first post all queued up but then blogger realized it was hungry. First it ate my fonts, then the paragraph format, then the links, and finally my browser. I think it’s being stern early on so later on down the road it can ease up.

Anyway, it’s late and I’ve been doing far too much work for too long this weekend and the caffeine is starting to wear off. I want to thank everyone here at Comments for bringing me into the fold, and to Fester the Newshogger for recommending me. I’m looking forward to this experience, and hope anyone reading this blog will not hesitate to enter into debate with me. I’m in this for the experience and for opinion pushback.

But before I bid you goodnight, I ask you to watch this.

I’m still mad about Fredo Gonzalez after that. What a cruel world.

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