I Thought So

Maybe Dana Perino misunderstood the question. Maybe it was a huge slip up… You decide. From a white house press briefing:

Q Dana, can I ask you, there’s been a lot of chatter over the last couple days about this confrontation that Karl Rove allegedly had with a couple of celebrities about global warming, climate change. What was Karl Rove’s reaction to being confronted at the dinner in this way?

(Alright at first Perino has a little fun paraphrasing one of Sheryl Crow’s biggest hits)

MS. PERINO: I think Karl Rove just wanted to have some fun on Saturday night. And I think he wasn’t the only one.

(And here comes the slip)

MS. PERINO: I think that it’s unfortunate that people who have an impassioned view about a topic don’t take the time and afford the President the same respect that they are asking for.

Dana… Sheryl Crow was in an argument with Karl Rove, not the Pr…

Ohhhhhhhhhhh… I get it…

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