If Wishes Were Horses

Brilliant. Simply brilliant. At least there is one senate out there ready to impeach the president… Okay, maybe not the US Senate, but Vermont’s is ready to go!

And really, at least for this one thing, I really wish the two bodies would swap places, you know, for a day… just to get the ball rolling so to speak.

Now, don’t mistake this for a liberal ranting against a president he hates. It’s not. Am I liberal? Yeah. Do I hate Bush? You betcha! Am I ranting, frothing at the mouth calling for his head? Only in sexual fantasies I share with myself…

But I’m not doing that here. Not gonna do it. Over the years that Bush has been in office, particularly since the September eleventh attacks back in 2001, a list has grown containing items that some argue are impeachable offenses. Not everyone, mind, but some.

That’s not what gives me cause to say let’s impeach. I’ve made my own cases in the past, and I’m fine with those (that and I really don’t feel like doing the research all over again).

But there is one little itty bit here that really stands out for me, and has become the centerpiece in my argument against Bush. As per the article, the resolution seeks to “raise serious questions of constitutionality, statutory legality, and abuse of the public trust.” (Italics added for emphasis)

See, it’s no longer an issue of where Bush stands on the issues for me. The case is not even really the legality, or lack there of, of the way he handles his administration. It all boils down to one simple fact: Bush has forgotten who he works for.

I know the counter argument. He doesn’t govern according to polls and interest groups. Aside from this being bullshit, let’s really inspect that assertion, shall we? Now, if you are sitting there parsing polls constantly, throwing polls in the field every five minutes to see how this demographic reacts to that, and that demographic reacts to this, then you are getting into sketchy territory. Trying to… oh, let’s say pander to the religious right, and therefore checking the polls to see their opinion on matters and governing accordingly is not what you are supposed to do.

Likewise, sitting there and changing policy everytime you receive a one point drop is pretty ridiculous, and if this were truly the intent of the president’s claim that he doesn’t govern by polls, then that’s fine by me. I think that there has to be a little governing on faith when it comes to our elected leaders. Sometimes they really do have to make unpopular decisions for the greater good. But these decisions should be made with the full trust of the nation’s citizens, and there should be clear and beneficial dividends.

But that’s all beside the point because that’s not even close to the actual situation we have here. We’re not talking about a one point drop. Hell, I don’t even think we’re talking about pandering to an interest group, unless you want to call White House staff an interest group because they seem to be the only ones for the war right now (oh, yeah, and those who want to be in the White House in 08 for the GOP. For some strange reason, only God knows why, they too think we should be getting our war on).

Instead, we’re talking about an overall sixty point drop over the course of the presidency. SIXTY! Even if you want to look at his plus 90’s numbers and call them a little inflated, that’s fine, let’s give him an effective peak approval rating in the seventies or eighties at the time, and you’re still looking at an overall forty or fifty point drop.

Recent polls are showing that Americans are overwhelmingly for putting an end to this war, and putting an end to this war immediately, with a stubborn group hovering at the mid thirties thinking we’re doing the right thing. This is… I’m gonna say it… a mandate from the American people to the commander in chief to put an end to this.

And the administration isn’t listening. This isn’t waffling, or governing according to poll numbers in the negative sense. It’s not pandering. It’s called following your employers’ orders, and the president’s behavior is bordering on criminal negligence in this regard.

Now I’ve been told you just can’t do it. You can’t impeach the president, especially this close to the end of the term. But I disagree. There are benefits to be had, for one, serving as a manifesto from the American people to all future presidents that they need to do their job, or we will fire them.

A quicky impeachment could also help to put balance back in our federal government as well, especially after the Bush administration has worked so hard to tip the scales in the Executive’s favor.

And, you know, if we had Vermont’s Senate in place of the US Senate… we just may have our impeachment…

But you know… If wishes were horses.

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