Phony Democracy In Nigeria

Given that we have green-lighted the gaming of elections, is it any wonder that Nigeria’s recent vote was so horribly rigged.

Chris McGreal at the Guardian has the full story.

Here are a couple of choice passages. The first of outgoing President Obasanjo (who’s party won the fraudulent election):

The outgoing president, Olusegun Obasanjo, acknowledged fraud and other “lapses” in the vote but said the result reflected opinion polls. In a national television address he added that if Nigerians do not like his handpicked successor’s victory they will have an opportunity to vote again in four years.

Sounds just like a Bush Republican.

And here’s the glorious response of the United States:

The US state department said the elections were flawed, “and in some cases deeply flawed”, but said it was not calling for a rerun.

In other words “Democracy Schemocracy – our guy won!”

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