Dick Cheney’s at it again. Damn Democrats going after a defeatist strategy.

I don’t know if I’ve written on this before, but you know, this whole argument seems stuck in some weird time loop that you would only catch in science fiction, so anything you read here that sounds familiar, just roll with it, ‘kay?

At first, it was because Saddam had ties to Al Qaida.

Then it was weapons of mass destruction.

Then it was because Saddam was bad to his people.

Then it was to spread freedom and democracy.

Now it’s just to win. Because we can’t lose. America is a country of winners, and losing would be bad because it’s not winning.

Why is it so vital we “win”? That’s what I really want to know. That’s the hundred thousand dollar question here. What happens if we lose? What happens if we win? Do we get a cupie doll if we do win? Does America instantly just blow up if we don’t? Someone answer this one for me.

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