Shooting for the Trifecta

In Al Franken’s book The Truth With Jokes, he makes a very convincing case that Bush employed a three part strategy for winning the 2004 election. No, not Guns, God, and Gays, but Smear, Fear, and Queers.

It seems as though America’s Mayor is working really hard on achieving that very same trifecta.


By now, Giuliani’s very Cheney-esque remarks about how electing a Democrat will result in us going back on defense, and that the U.S. will suffer “more losses,” is rather famous. Even at a time when no one wants us in Iraq, and in fact the ongoing failure of a war is making us less safe, Giuliani is still plugging away like the master conflagurator he is.


In an interesting turn of events, though, the man who has during his tenure as New York’s governor been very pro gay, appointing homosexual people to government posts, and marching in gay pride parades, has decided to flip flop in favor of the Bush playbook of politics.

That’s right boys and girls, Giuliani has now turned his back and said that even civil unions have gone too far during some campaigning in New Hampshire. Which really makes me wonder, what the hell danger do gays pose to marriage? Really? But that’s for another time.


Go negative, get nasty, and fling mud like monkeys fling poo. Is there really anyone out there so deluded that they think the Mayor WON’T do this?

Personally, I think it’s just a matter of time.

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