Sly As A Fox

Serious hat tip to Cernig.

I’m calling flag on the play.

I’m calling bullshit.

From the moment I read this on C’s site all the way through reading it on several other news pages, I’ve been sitting here pissed the fuck off.

Just the other day I posted that the White House, in a bout of whining and running home to mommy, opted to pull Sam Fox’s nomination to Ambassador to Belgium.

Then, just as congress goes on vacation, that sumbitch Bush goes off and recess appoints the same man whose nomination he just pulled.

You have got to seriously be shitting me.

I mean, as far as dirty tactics go, this is low. I mean if you want to withold a nominee and wait until congress bails on vacation, that’s low, but okay, sure. If you put the name up, and just hope they don’t get around to knocking your nominee down, that’s almost acceptable.

But damn it all, to pull the nomination, and then appoint him?

This is pretty much the clearest message George Bush has sent throughout his entire presidency (with the one exception of, “I’m a blithering idiot”), and that is simply this: Congress… Go fuck yourself.

Which, considering the members of the House and Senate are basically our representatives in DC, by proxy, El Presidente basically just flipped us all the bird and stated loud and clear, “Fuck you America.”

Yeah, I’m gonna just stop now before I break something… More on this shit machine later.

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