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HT to Kevin Drum

It’s a pretty common joke that ties the War on Terror in its effectiveness to the War on Drugs, the implied punchline being that they just don’t work. Problem is, this is where the joke stops being funny.

While Condi and Co. considered withholding or delaying the report (not the first time they’ve actually done so), they have decided to actually follow the law (no doubt because with all the law breaking that is hitting the papers lately, the administration doesn’t want to take anymore chances) and release the report that states pretty simply that Bush’s war on terror is pretty much a blatant failure.

Again, terrorism worldwide has risen by nearly 30%, a direct result of our policies in Iraq and Afghanistan. Of course you’ll expect the Bush apologists to come up with some horse crap about at least the attacks aren’t happening on our soil, but in regards to this, I want those folks to take a good hard look at the dynamic and bold foreign policies and theories put forth by our Democratic friends, which actually make sense.

We are seeing what banging the war drums is doing. It’s creating more violence, more terrorism. This is something I’ve been saying for years now, you want to give someone a reason to be a terrorist, bomb the shit out of them, screw up their living conditions and then give them the old flag of the United States as the ultimate cause, and boom, a bunch of people willing to blow themselves up for the glory of Allah and some sweet action with seventy some odd virgins in Paradise.

It is because of results like this that we MUST change our world view. We must quit this crap of saying Democrats don’t understand terror because they do. If one thing that all candidates from last night agreed upon, it was that more war will not make us safer (proven). You have to reach out to the communities, politically, diplomatically.

You want to effectively reduce terrorism, help fix the problems with where they live, not turn it into a battle ground.

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