Supreme Court’s Conservative Activists Vote To Expand Federal Power & Subject Women To Torture (& They Love The Result!)

Today, Alito and Roberts revealed themselves as having been liars on the issue of Stare Decisis and voted to not require a full woman’s health exception to federal abortion legislation. Special thanks to NARAL for having supported the likes of the Specters and Liebermans who made today a possibility.

In fact, 5 justices – the 4 nutters and Kennedy – voted to uphold the constitutionality of Congress’ ban on partial birth abortions, a law that overrules the decision of the Doctor and patient as to the best medical procedure for relief from a dangerous pregnancy and provides that an intact dilation and extraction can only be performed if the woman’s life, as opposed to health, is in danger.

Now read the story of Coreen Costello and see how Congress and the five activists have deprived her of her freedom and sentenced pweople like her to torture.

Most bizarre, Kennedy wrote that the opponents of the act “have not demonstrated that the Act would be unconstitutional in a large fraction of relevant cases.” So much for individual rights under the Constitution. You get screwed so long as you just happen to fall within the fraction of those unconstitutionally affected by a Congressional act.

UPDATE: In my original post, I erroneously criticized NOW for past endorsements of Specter & Lieberman when I meant to diss NARAL. I noticed my error and have corrected it.

Notice also that Atrios posts a Hall of Shame list of Democrats who voted in favor of the legislation the US Supreme Court upheld today.

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